Discover Vietnammese Traditional Culture through value of SILK FABRIC & HANDICRAFT products




Natural Silk

All of The Silk Design’s fabrics are natural silk, carefully hand selected and exclusively sourced from silk merchants in Van Phuc Silk Village – the center of weaving and sericulture (silk worm production) of Vietnam for centuries . Made from the fibers produced by mulberry silkworms, silk products by The Silk Design have the finest, most lustrous, and most durable texture for luxurious and comfortable wearing. Importantly, natural silk fabric is kind to skin and and good to health in the long-term. By choosing the natural silk fabric, The Silk Design also supports for an eco-conscious silk production process.

Hand Embroidered

Every single piece of The Silk Design is carefully handcrafted by experienced embroidery artisans in Quat Dong Village. In The Silk Design, each embroidery begins with a single stitch and averagely takes about 2 weeks to complete a simple one. For the designs that require more complex techniques, artisans may take up to several months to finish. While our products are mainly designed on silk fabric, silk is the most difficult and time consuming material to do embroidery because of its the sleek and fine texture. Thus, silk embroidery requires craft workers to have long experience, high skill, and great patience to make it. Our craft worker – Mrs. Oanh (picture on the right) is one among the few experienced embroidery artisan in Quat Dong village that still carries on the family’s traditional craft business. She began to learn embroidery when she was only 8 years old, so in that way she could preserved the ancestors’ profession and developed the love for the embroidery since the very young age. The Silk Design is very happy lending a hand to keep the traditional embroidery craft of Vietnam alive and introduce this wonderful art to our friends around the world.

Exclusive Design

All products of The Silk Design are exclusively tailored and offered in limited number. Customers will always look good & feel good in The Silk’s designs because of its uniqueness, high quality, and convenience. Staying unique is a way of showing one’s true original, while the high quality and meticulous details give the feel of luxurious and reliable durability that will last for years. With the brand’s motto “Always look best even when you sleep”, our designs bring to you a taste of elegance and sexiness, yet retain the flexibility to move and comfortable feeling to wear at home. Keep yourself abreast of the latest and the best in fashion!