Quat Dong Traditional Embroidery Village (Video)

Many customers are amazed by the skillfulness and uniqueness of The Silk Design’s embroidered products. The Silk Design often receives questions about the artisans of this traditional craft and their unique techniques. Here is the answer – Let’s discover the traditional craft of embroidery in Quat Dong Village. 


Mrs. Oanh is embodering The Silk Design’s product “Sheaf of Rice-plant Natural Silk Robe”

Meet our craft worker – Mrs. Oanh, who is one among the few experienced embroidery artisans in Quat Dong village that still carries on the family’s traditional craft business. She began to learn embroidery when she was only 8 years old, so in that way she could preserved the ancestors’ profession and developed the love for the embroidery since the very young age. 





Quat Dong Village. Source: Youtube

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